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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How To: Store Leftover Paint

Retail paint shops do not usually customize the amount of paint sold according to a buyer's requirement. Paints are sold in cans. Due to the way paints are sold, most of the time you're still left with extra paints that will either dry up and solidify or get damaged sooner that you think.

Have you been wondering on how to store leftover paint properly?

Follow the steps below:
1. The lids of the paint cans should be tightly sealed. Wipe the rim with paper towel first, so lid won't be difficult to remove later.

2. Before you store it, use a permanent marker to write on the side or top of the can. Include the paint-chip number, date, room in which it was used, and color name, which often isn't already on the can (which baffle us).

3. Store it in a location where the temperature...

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